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Some people hire Tera to organize their space... others hire her to organize their LIFE. 


Organizing Space 

As a Professional Organizer, Tera creates zones and workable systems which lower current and future stress, and make everyday life easier. Her solutions are simple, effective and easy to maintain.


Organizing Life

As an Everyday Home and Lifestyle Manager - working one or more days per week - Tera approaches your home proactively, identifying what needs to be done - and making sure everything runs smoothly to optimal outcomes.

Some examples include:

♦  Ensures bills are paid on time, insurance inventory is current, and vehicles are maintained on  schedule 
♦  Manages housekeeping and other household staff 
♦  Schedules and meets with service personnel and contractors as needed 
♦  Organizes space so you don't lose time looking for your keys, glasses, or the cereal 
♦  Frees up your time so you can spend it doing what YOU do best! 


Call or text Tera at (512) 444-3223 or Email her at tera@teraallison.com to determine which of her packages will have the biggest impact on meeting your near-term goals, and to get on the list for longer-term consultations.